Children are everywhere. Notice how many of these pictures have children in them even though they are not the subject of the photograph. If you look at a woman you will frequently see the little feet or hands of a baby on her back. (Both the woman in traditional Margi attire and the woman carrying a head basket of sorghum have small babies on their backs; as does the potter to be shown below.)

Children often play at the very things that they will be required to do as adults, and this little girl is no exception, though she looks as though she can barely lift the hoe, which, incidentally, is the ubiquitous African Short Handle Hoe. At right we see first a line of mothers with their babies carried in goat skin back slings, next we see Acuamai holding her doll, and finally, we see her doll in a miniature back sling just like that of the mothers.


At left, an adolescent girl is grinding her family's sorghum into flour. In the second picture, our little neighbor, Mirama, is pretending to do the same task with an old grinding stone and sand.


At far left, this young fellow proudly wears a pzhi just as though he were a man. The little girl, who so touchingly has a bandage on her foot, is eating sugar cane and enjoying an unusual moment of privacy.

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